wtorek, 29 kwietnia 2008


"This is my best friend!" These words are often heard among people. However, it must be thoroughly thought over who a “real friend” is. Is it really a person who you like, spend time with or have fun together? What are the characteristic features of a friend? Do you have "real best friends"? Answers to these questions aren’t easy. Try to work them out. I’m waiting for your suggestions :)


As it is widely known life without reading would not exist. Even if anyone claims they don’t read much, they simply are not aware of the fact that e.g. looking over daily newspapers, recipes or surfing via the internet requires reading skills. All of these are an inseparable part of our everyday life.
Unfortunately, less and less people read books. The statistics are terrifying. This is mainly due to advanced technology. Have you ever considered how our life would be different if there were no computers, mobile phones, TVs? It would be better. People would simply have more time to read valuable books and TALK with each other. Do you agree?

Some photos :-)

The most recent photo taken in April. My cousin's wedding :-)

2 years ago...

4 years ago when I was still a student :-)

When I was a one-year-old baby:)

The alphabet.

I like your suggetion to write the alphabet very much. It was a great idea! Besides, I would like to encourage you on commenting what I write here and therefore I've decided to create my own alphabet:) Please read it carefully. Any questions are welcomed :-)

A – ANNA – my middle name:)
B – BICYCLE – I usually ride on it when I have some free time
C – CHILDREN – I love them! However, not too many at a time;)
D – DRIVING LICENCE – I have had it since I was 17 :) a useful thing
E – ENGLISH – knowing English will be helpful in communicating with other people abroad, you can make friends with foreigners:)
F – FRIENDSHIP – friendship & love, the most beautiful feelings
G – GREAT BRITAIN – a place worth visiting
H – HOLIDAY – time to get rest and gather strength for another school year:)
I – ICE-CREAM – delicious with whipped cream and fruit
J – JOGGING – I have been planning to start it for years...without a single success:P
K – KNOWLEDGE – necessary to pass an exam :-)
L – LILY OF THE VALLEY – my favourite flower, I like its delicate fragrance :)
M – MOBILE PHONE – to have instant contact with my family and friends
N – NEIGHBOURHOOD – so many of you live in my neighbourhood...
O – OPTIMIST – I am one:)
P – PATIENCE – being a teacher requires it... a lot!
Q – QUESTIONS – you ask me a lot of them :)
R – RING – I like wearing it :)
S – SEASIDE – I love spending my holidays there...
T – TABLE TENNIS – I love playing it! :-)
U – UNIVERSITY – I have a lot of beautiful memories from my studies at university :)
V – VEGETARIAN – I can’t imagine being one...
W – WALK – I love long walks along the coastline
X – X-MAS – my favourite family holiday
Y – YACHT – I would like to sail on it in the future
Z – ZODIAC – do you believe in the horoscopes? I don’t...

sobota, 19 kwietnia 2008

Just have fun!

My dear students,

Please look through your BLOGs from time to time, comment on your friends’ thoughts, help each other, try to have fun with eTwinning. :-) I have created this project together with Javier for you and for the Spanish team. :-) I wouldn’t like you to feel it is a sad duty to write all of the things. You should learn English through nice communication and exchanging ideas with the Spanish. You may really have a lot of fun with English!

Lots of love,

piątek, 18 kwietnia 2008

Our project with the Spanish.

I would like to greet all of my students working on the project with the Spanish. I hope you'll have a lot of fun and, what is more, you'll meet many fantastic friends. Enjoy yourself!